Domain Name Transfer Guide:

Transferring your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain to Green WebHost

* The "ADMIN CONTACT" of the domain must be able to reply to e-mails and the domain must NOT be "locked" ( must be in an "unlocked" status):
If the transfer fails due to no reply from the "admin" contact in the "whois database" we will let you know so this can be rectified.
(Once you have confirmed this to us we will restart the transfer)

**IMPORTANT: Please note that .com, .net, .org, .info, .name and .biz domain names cannot be transferred within 60 days of registration or 60 days of expiry. (ICANN rules).

The administration contact will receive an email from OpenSRS - TuCows with instructions on how to confirm the transfer.
Once confirmed it will take only 24 HOURS to become active if you are transferring from 123-reg or UKREG. With other providers it may take up to seven days.
You may also receive another email from the current registrar, if you do you should read this very carefully as it may contain instructions for you to authorise the transfer away from them.
IMPORTANT: You must let us know by email at when the above** has been "checked and ready" so we can initiate the transfer process and bring in the domain (this is so failed transfer request delays can be avoided).

Transferring your .UK domains:

Log-in to your current domain host members area,
(or contact them with the instructions below).
This varies from supplier to supplier
Select to Modify the domain you want to move and in the Domain Control Panel select 'Change IPS Tag'
Enter HEARTINTERNET as the new IPS Tag (*This is our Bulk Supplier IPS TAG).
IMPORTANT: You must let us know by email at when the above has been done so we can bring in the domain (sorry, but it is not possible to automate this part of the process)

***You may not need/wish to transfer at this time, you can just point to our "nameservers" for any hosting with us) - which are and

**** "FOR SOLAR HOSTING SPECIALS" use and "nameservers.

* Any reference to the "heartinternet" TAG's is ok as they are our "Bulk Domain Supplier"
To keep our costs down.